Tuesday, July 6, 2010

WINAMP 5.58 BUILD 2975

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Nullsoft Winamp is a fast, flexible, high-fidelity media player for Windows.
Winamp supports playback of many audio (MP3, OGG, AAC, WAV, MOD, XM, S3M, IT, MIDI, etc) and video types (AVI, ASF, MPEG, NSV), custom appearances called skins (supporting both classic Winamp 1.x/2.x skins and Winamp 3 freeform skins), audio visualization and audio effect plug-ins (including two industry dominating visualization plug-ins), an advanced media library, Internet radio and TV support, CD ripping, and CD burning.

Winamp 5.57 Highlights:
• Native video support including the most popular file formats for H.264 encoded video (Pro Only)
• Unrestricted Audio CD Burning & Ripping up to 48x
• MP3 Encoding - the industry leading format
• High Quality Bitrate AACPlus Encoding (twice the quality of the free version).
• Help fund continued product development & innovation.
• Buy tickets, find lyrics, & download music directly from your media player
• Windows 7 Compliant
• Winamp OrglerTM lets you track, chart and share your Winamp listening history
• iTunes Library Import
• Find & manage Add-ons directly in your media player
• Available in 16 languages including Turkish, Romanian & Brazilian Portuguese

Winamp Player Features:
• Plays Music and Video Files (aacPlus, MP3, AAC, WMA and more!)
• Compatible with Winamp 2 Plug-ins
• Full Support for Classic and Modern Skins
• Plays Videos (NSV, WMV, and more!)
• Powerful Media Library
• Browse SHOUTcast Radio & TV Stations
• Browse Winamp Music Videos & Songs
• Integrated AOL Video Content (News, Sports, Movies & more)
• AOL Radio Featuring XM
• SHOUTcast Wire (podcast directory)
• Predixis MusicMagic (dynamic playlisting)
• Bundled Visualizations
• Burn CDs (Limited to 2x - 48x in Pro!)
• Rips CDs (Limited to 8x aacPlus, AAC, WMA - Unlimited aacPlus, AAC, WMA and MP3 in Pro!)
• 50 free mp3s from Emusic
• Includes Winner of the Internet
• Surround Music Project!
• Includes an MP3 of 'Mercy Me' by Alkaline Trio
• Rip/Encode music into aacPlus, AAC, WMA, or MP3!
• Burn CDs up to 48x!

Changes in Winamp 5.58:
* New: [gen_skinmanager] Skin Manager v1.0
- That transforms Winamp's Skin Browser to a true Skin Manager
- Live preview, nice filter options, renaming tools, a powerful search function and much more
- all functionallity of the Skins in Submenu plugin
* New: [gen_classicart] Album Art Viewer plugin v0.7
- adds an Album Art window to all classic skins
* Improved: [Installer] improved plugin checks, system files in Installer are now only visible, if the required plugins are installed
* Improved: [Installer] made Essentials Pack configuration file & Playlist Sidecar backup files are saved in same dir like winamp.ini
* Updated: [ml_enqplay] ML Enqueue and Play to v2.0*
- allows you to set 'Enqueue and Play' as third option under Prefs > Media Library too
* Updated: [gen_undo] Playlist Undo to v1.0.2*
* Updated: [gen_timerestore] Autoplay & Time Restore to v2.5.2*
* Updated: [alac.w5s] Apple Lossles Decoder to v1.4
- this adds 24-Bit and multichannel support
* Updated: [gen_ffod] Find File on Disk to v3.0.2*
- Now correctly handles foo.rsn\bar.spc playlist entries by opening to where foo.rsn is
* Updated: [gen_nopro] Lite-n Winamp preferences to v1.6.1*
* Updated: [in_wav] Nullsoft Waveform Wrapper to v1.2
* Updated: [enc_vorbis] Nullsoft Vorbis Encoder to v1.3a
- updated to libOgg v1.2.0
* Misc: [Installer] made installer detects and deletes old Skins in Submenu plugin because of compatibility issues
* Misc: [gen_skinsubmenu] removed obsolete Skins in Submenu plugin
* Misc: [Installer] general script and language file cleanup
* Misc: [Installer] updated Installer to NSIS 2.46 (Unicode)
* Misc: All Essentials Pack plugins are localizable now, we finally reached our goal, big thanks to Darren <3 
Download Link-1 pro
Download Link-1 full emusic 7pluss

Download Link-2 full emusic 7pluss
Download Link-2 pro

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